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Sonimed products are sold exclusively by Sonimedia SA

For over 5 years Sonimed products have been helping people to improve the wellbeing and health. They are electromedical products registered with the appropriate authorities and carrying national and international certifications that guarantee their reliability and certify their quality.

Sonimed products harness advanced medical technologies such as ultrasounds, magnetotherapy and pulsed light.

Ultrasounds are acoustic waves that are imperceptible to the human ear which penetrate under the skin producing a micromassage and a thermal effect which have great benefits on both the superficial tissue as well as deep tissue. They are mainly used to treat diseases which affect muscles, tendons and joints upon which the ultrasounds have an anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect (against pain). There is immediate relief starting with the first application.

Magnetotherapy is a form of physiotherapy which uses electromagnetic energy. The electromagnetic waves allow the damaged cells to regenerate, provoking an immediate sense of well-being and a clear improvement in the accused symptom. The benefits of magnetotherapy are well known and recognized: it accelerates the recovery process, stimulates cellular exchange by helping the natural balance of the organism, helps to contrast numerous diseases.

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Sonimed devices offer a wide range of programmes designed for medical and aesthetic application Here we offer a selection of our devices, for the full list click here

Aesthetic Application

Sonimed also offers a series of aesthetic programmes for shaping, toning, cleansing and smoothing any part of your body.